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Half-day workshop materials Presenter: Jason Williams, williams@cshl.edu, twitter: @JasonWilliamsNY

CyVerse Vision: Transforming science through data-driven discovery.
CyVerse Mission: Design, deploy, and expand a national cyberinfrastructure for life sciences research and train scientists in its use.

CyVerse provides life scientists with powerful computational infrastructure to handle huge datasets and complex analyses, thus enabling data-driven discovery. Our powerful extensible platforms provide data storage, bioinformatics tools, image analyses, cloud services, APIs, and more.

CyVerse is of, by, and for the community, and community-driven needs shape our mission. We rely on your feedback to provide the infrastructure you need most to advance your science, development, and educational agenda.

While originally created with the name iPlant Collaborative to serve U.S. plant science communities, CyVerse cyberinfrastructure is germane to all life sciences disciplines and works equally well on data from plants, animals, or microbes. By democratizing access to supercomputing capabilities, we provide a crucial resource to enable scientists to find solutions for the future.

Getting Started Guide

In this guide we will cover brief tutorials and documentation that will get you started using CyVerse tools and services right away. These tutorials will focus on 5 major applications and resources.

Importantly, we will not cover some other key cyberinfrastructure components but you should be aware of them:

Important Downloads

Topic Resource
Workshop Intro Slides
Data Store Slides
Discovery Environment Slides
Atmosphere Slides
Example Science Applications Slides
Genomics Workflows Brochure


  • Cyberduck Download Utility - Link
  • Cyberduck profile - Link
  • iCommands (mac) - Link
  • iCommands (linux x64) - Link
  • VNC viewer - Link
  • PuTTY (windows)- Link

Funding and Citations

CyVerse is funded entirely by the National Science Foundation under Award Numbers DBI-0735191 and DBI-1265383.

Please cite CyVerse appropriately when you make use of our resources, CyVerse citation policy